Nuril Qodri Mubarok

  • Nuril Qodri Mubarok Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (STAI) At-Taqwa Bondowoso
Keywords: Persuasive Approach, Public Relations, Building the Image of Educational Institutions


Public Relations in an effort to build a positive image of educational institutions need to have good communication with the community. To achieve these objectives an effective communication approach is needed. Public relations or Public Relations run communication with the aim to create an effect, namely in the form of the image of the institution. The good relationship between the institution and the public occurs when good communication is also held, one of the approaches to public relations communication is through a persuasive approach.

The research objectives are 2 things. The first, aims to analyze the implementation of the MAN Bondowoso persuasive PR approach in building the image of the institution seen from the persuasive communication techniques carried out by PR. Second, analyzing the implications of the persuasive approach of PR in building the image of institutions in MAN Bondowoso.

The method used by researchers in this research is to use a qualitative approach to the type of case studies, while data collection techniques are carried out through observation, interviews and documentation. To conduct data analysis, researchers use the theory of analysis according to Miles and Huberman by reducing data, presenting data and drawing conclusions. At the stage of data validation, the researcher uses the triangulation method.

Based on the research that has been done, the research findings show that: 1) Persuasive approach techniques used by MAN Bondowoso Public Relations are integration techniques, reward techniques, empathy techniques, and structuring techniques. 2) The implications of the persuasive approach of PR in building the image of institutions in MAN Bondowoso namely Enthusiasm and public trust in MAN Bondowoso is getting greater, this can be seen from the addition of new students each year. Another positive impact is the participation of the community which has always played an active role in supporting and assisting madrasa programs that are directly related to the community.